I primarily service early childhood and school-aged children (ages 2-10) with speech and language delays/disorders, phonological processes, articulation disorders/delays, and fluency (stuttering) disorders. I do have experience with other populations/age groups that we are happy to service upon discussion.

An official diagnosis or a doctor’s referral is not required in order to receive services. Any information from other services or evaluations available is appreciated to provide adequate and effective treatment.

Yes! At this time I can accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and Anthem.

Cash pay is another form of payment I do accept. I am able to accept cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, and debit/credit card.

Pricing ranges depending on your form of payment. If you are using insurance, your insurance company will dictate how much a session is based on your plan. I do have a self-pay option that I would be happy to discuss with you. Prices are based on a 1 hour evaluation and a 30-minute session.

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I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments, or inquiries you may have.